Saturday, July 21, 2012

Convention Day 4

Today is Saturday, and the last day of Convention.  :(  So sad to say good-bye to new and old friends. 

I attended some fabulous classes today.  Again, more on that later, when I have a moment to review. 

ETA: I found it pretty funny that Mary Polcin was walking into Pam Morgan's class, I am Making Money.  For non-demos, she is the top Stampin' Up demo for all-time sales.  I guess she IS making money!  :)  We talked about performance bonuses, earning money by working differently, focusing on what you are good at.  Really gets you thinking about how you are working your business and what you would like to change in the coming year.  I love that she highlighted Lydia in her class (woohoo)!  Tag: Convention 2012, #Convention 2012

Karen Hauley hosted the class I am Earning the Incentive Trip, with Jill Hilliard, Meg Holland, and Cynthia Millan..  Everyone would love to earn a free vacation, right?  And who doesn't want the fabulous pillow gifts??  The trick is to break up the work into bite-sized chunks, like monthly goals.  But it isn't easy... you still have to stretch to reach that lofty goal.  I've got to go check out that Trip Tracker worksheet.

Jill Leigh hosted a "talk show" format for I am a First-Time Recruiter.  My friend from Leadership, Colleen Vassos, was part of the talk show panel.  Woo hoo, her!

Lots of tips on how to get over that hurdle of getting your first recruit.

We did the live streaming from General Session at 2 pm.  Did you tune in?  Hopefully it will get all you demos at home to join us next year!

Here is a pic of my roomie Jen and me... 

and all three of us roomies, Jen, Cindy, and myself, with Mickey Roberts.

We had several all-attendee give-aways this afternoon - the Ronald McDonald set Moving Forward and Mixed Medley from the upcoming Holiday catalog.  Here's a picture Paula Wright took.

I'll be filling in some more information over the coming days.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Natalie Kennedy said...

It was so nice getting to meet you, Heidi! I'm glad we were able to hang out together, and that you had such a good time at Convention!