Sunday, July 22, 2012

Roomie Gifts

I made it home from Convention safely.  And boy, am I tired!  I planning some make & take production tomorrow, with the help of Little Missy.  A little bit of unpacking today, so I thought I would share the roomie gifts.

First the picture of my disastrous stamp room with all the swag.  Memento Mall items, make & take kits, piles of stamps, the bag, and more and more stuff piled on the table too.

After unpacking, I had to reassemble the gifts.  Jen, the mini paint can made it home safely!

These are from Jen Timko.  She included some chocolate, Starbuck's card, granola mix and almonds packet (neither of which made it home!), and some embellishment goodies.  She added a fabric flower on the top of the paint can and also made the can and bag tags in MDS.  After my granola tin was empty, I went through my other packets of food in my carry-on and found chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, craisins, the almonds from Jen, plus some pretzels from the flight attendent... I made my own little replacement batch of granola "on the fly".  ;)

Here are the gifts from Cindy Elam.

A beautiful box of truffles, which I am afraid to open, Starbuck's card, some ear plugs, antibacterial lotion, lip balm, beautiful ribbon scissors charm, and a beautiful blingy bag tag.   People were commenting on the tag all week!  There was wine too, but that didn't last!  :)  And it is hard to see, but she packaged it all up in the card keeper box from the last holiday mini.  Isn't she clever?

These girls really outdid themselves!  A little bit of goodies to use at Convention and some to take home and keep as a memento.  Thank you so much for sharing a room with me, ladies!

And this is what I made for my roomies and myself, My Digital Studio notebooks.  I thought we could use them for notes, as well as business examples.

I hadn't had a notebook printed through Stampin' Up before.  They are really nice quality... the binding is sewn for durability.

Thanks for stopping by!


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Jen Timko said...

So glad everything made it home safe! Such great pics too. Hmmm, my chocolate didn't fare as well and we have already cracked into! I'm sending everyone here to see the pics.