Friday, July 20, 2012

Convention Day 3

Wow, I'm not doing a great job of taking pictures this time around.  I'm such a slug... been taking my time and enjoying things.  The classes this year are fabulous.  I'll come back and tell you more.  And I've taken some pictures of display boards.

I got a 53 minute run in this morning in Memorial Park just north of Temple Square.  Oh my, I didn't even know it was there!  Gonna try to get back there tomorrow and take some pics.  ETA... I didn't make it out running this morning.  Boo!

Some exciting news... I won prize patrol today!  I got Friendship Preserves stamp set and piercing pack from the upcoming Holiday mini catalog.

ETA: Carrie Cudney hosted the class called I am Open for Business.  She went over some basics of Stampin' Up's upcoming awareness campaign (is it possible some people in this world don't know Stampin' Up?!), the demonstrator business website, customer leads, and what to do with customer leads.  Like many of the classes, Carrie did her homework, talked to demonstrators, and brought some real-life examples to help us use these tools more effectively.  Tag: Convention 2012, #Convention2012

The class I am Starting Out was hosted by Emily Montoya.  This class reviewed a lot of the beginner levels of the career plan.  My take-away was the "Title at a Glance" worksheet available on the demonstrator website.  Stampin' Up also offers a Career Plan booth at Convention to help you work on your goals to reach the next level.  What's my next level?  Manager.  I need to get 3 more recruits and one downline needs to also recruit.  Possible?  Sure!  The reward would be the Manager's Reception at Leadership and free product bundles with each new mini catalog, among other things. 

Emily also hosted my next class, I am Reaching Out.  This class focused on Generation Y (25-34 year-olds), which she nicknamed Kate (is that like Kate from Kate & Will?).  Our guest speaker, Jason Dorsey, also spoke on Generation Y, so Emily's class fed right into this... how to communicate, attract, and excite the Y Generation.  Gen Y is not necessarily tech-savvy, but tech-dependent.  So we need to use current technology to interact with them.

And I took a class this evening with the Stampin' Up concept artists and got the supplies to make a little banner... to be continued when I return home.  Here is some crappy pictures I got of the concept artists boards, spliced together... it was crowded!

Here's a pic of happy hour with Lydia from Understandblue, with Linda from Canada, back on Tuesday evening.

Did you know that Stampin' Up has its own Pinterest account?  And roomie Jen Timko pointed out that I have been tagged.  How cool is that?

And a couple pics of us at dinner at the Red Rock Brewery, courtesy of roomie Cindy Elam and Paula Wright.

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Rosemary Morgan said...

Woo Hoo Prize Patrol!!! So happy for you!