Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trials and Tribulations - Protecting my Stampin' Supplies and Projects

My cat has a habit of waking me up in the morning so she can get fed. She will knock things off the nightstand or paw my closed eyelid (with just a hint of nail if I am not responding).

Well, I guess I wasn't waking fast enough one morning this week, because she ripped the daisy off my coaster photo project and proceeded to rip about half the petals off. Imagine her little paw in the center of the flower and ripping each petal with her mouth, one by one. Geez!

And then there is my daughter. She got ahold of my new spool of ribbon.

I guess the felt ribbon from the Alpine package makes a really good leash, in her opinion. She used the entire spool to wrap the dog in ribbon. Guess it would have been funnier if it had been the real dog, huh?

Perhaps this post will qualify for "Make You Laugh Monday"?

11/16/09: More to file under 'Trials and Tribulations' - My daughter used to stamp so well. But lately, she has preferred to get her fingers inky. It surprises me, since she has always hated her hands to be dirty.

This is after we washed up well (Blue Bayou, for those interested).

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