Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tutorial: Mini Scrapbook Made with 12 x 12" Cardstock

A few posts ago I shared with you a mini scrapbook album I made for my sister's birthday. Here are some instructions.

1. Cut your 12 x 12" sheet to 9 x 12".

2. Fold in half to 4.5 x 12".

3. Open and fold in half the other way to 9 x 6".

4. Without rotating cardstock, open and fold each side in towards the center so the 12" side will have four 3" sections.

5. With paper trimmer, cut a center line running parallel to the 12" side between 3" and 9" (sections 2 and 3 of the 4 sections). See black line in picture.

6. Here's the trick: You are going to lay the paper flat. Put your hands on either side of the center line (parallel to the 12" side) with your thumbs pointing toward the center cut line. Pull sections 2 and 3 up so they meet, leaving end flaps flat.

7. Rotate your wrists out so that your paper forms an "X".

8. Fold into a book.

Here's the finished project for my sister, and more photos are in this post. Thanks for looking!

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Fay said...

Great tutorial! Your finished scrapbook came out beautifully!!