Monday, April 18, 2016

MDS Monday: It's Your 9th Birthday!

Oh MDS, it's been so long!  I actually sat down to document my daughter's 9th birthday weekend.  Papa was out of town, so I made sure we filled her days with lots of special activities, including her first mani/pedi and first visit to hibachi.

I don't mind saying after a week of birthday festivities, I am happy to get back to a normal schedule. I am exhausted!

MDS Supplies:  Retro Fresh Pocket Cards,  This Makes Me Happy,  This And That Make Note.


quirks59m said...

I still use MDS on a regular basis and often think it would be nice to have some of those bigger stamps in digital format. Oh, well. Just an fyi for those PC users who are nervous about upgrading to 10, MDS works great. Yeah!

Heidi Baks said...

That's great to hear, quirks59m! I haven't upgraded yet.