Monday, February 23, 2015

MDSM102 Daily Pages

Are you familiar with a daily or weekly scrap page, a page that documents a day- or week-in-the-life?  One specific example is December Daily by Ali Edwards.  In December, there are so many activities going on in that month, creating daily pages help document these busy times.  More generically, I think daily or weekly pages sprung out of Project 365, in which you take a photo every day.  Taking a daily photo frees you from having to frame the perfect scene, or document only important or exciting activities, and rather just photograph everyday life.  Society has embraced this type of photo-taking with the social media and selfie evolution.

Once you have these everyday photos, you need a format to tell the story.  Project Life layouts can be a great way to complete day-in-the-life or week-in-the-life pages.  In fun examples by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, you can see how she uses the date of the week or month to help tell the story.  One digital kit specifically designed for these type of pages is Daily December Memories Photobook Template, not just for December, and it was from this kit I took this week's example layout.  When building pages from scratch, Project Life downloads such as Hello December, Seasonal Snapshot, or any other pocket card download and Day to Day Stamp Brush Set are perfect.

My challenge to you is to create a daily or weekly page.  Make sure you use actual dates as part of the embellishments or pocket cards.  They can be in Project Life format or any other layout.  Don't feel you need to stick to the example layout here; I've included the link to the Daily December kit for more ideas.  The charm of the page is to just use daily photos of what you ate, where you went, what you did.  Nothing fancy, but just a fun way to tell the story of everyday life.  Can't wait to see what you create!

Here's my page -

I actually showed this page first, since it follows the layout, but this next page really shows off the every day feature of the daily page.

Our last day in Acadia National Park for the year, first snow, and I went for a quick run before hitting the road.  This page just brings back nice feelings!

MDS Elements: Daily December Memories, Watercolored Winter, This Makes Me Happy; Font: Arial, Capsies.

I started with the Daily December Memories kit for my pages right after our trip to Acadia, in fact on the drive home.  It was fun to fill in the daily memories.  But I wasn't quite capturing the generic daily or weekly page idea I had in mind to show you.  I happened to be poking around Ali Edwards's blog today and found an example page I wanted to use immediately.

Now, this is what I meant for the challenge!  I finally got this out; I feel better.  :)  I really love these kind of daily or weekly pages, and I would like to make more.  It is best to make them when the memory of the week is still fresh in your mind.  Ooh, that sounds like a daunting task!

MDS Elements: Love Story Project Life, Day in the Life, Days to Remember, Chillin Out Pocket Cards, Bookstagram; Font: Bodoni MT Condensed, Arial Narrow, The Skinny, 1942 Report.


Tami Hewlett said...

Heidi, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your pages this week!!! Awesome challenge and awesome examples!

Yapha said...

Great challenge -- I love that you keep making more and more pages for it!