Monday, September 22, 2014

MDSM83 Freeforming Text

Time for another MDS Monday challenge.  This week Cindy has us using the freeform tool to create text around photo corners.  Fun!

These are photos of Missy's first running race.  In fact, first race ever.  She needed some encouragement, but she is an old pro at racing now... mostly bikes.

Here's Cindy's sketch -

I have a hint for you with the freeform.  I found the lower two corners were a little difficult to get the text right-side up.  Here's a couple screenshots of how I managed mine -

First under the "FREEFORM" tool on right, click "Add Line". From there click the line and choose "Insert Point".

Grab the right point and pull it up over the middle point to create a backwards "L".  This point will be hidden from view under the window header, but it will still work.

This method will work for the lower right corner.  For the lower left corner, start with a vertical line.

MDS Elements: Be Yourself, Top Notch Woodcuts, Very Vanilla Textured, First Edition DSP, Lemonade Stand DSP, Fan Fair DSP, Love Letter DSP; Font: The Skinny, Arabic Typesetting.


Wendie Waldman said...

Such a proud mamma moment documented on a great page.

Tami Hewlett said...

What a great event to scrapbook! She's just a little mini-me!!! Love the photos and page:)

Diane Malcor said...

Thanks so much for your tips on 'texting on a path' for corners! Your page is very cute -- what a great achievement for your daughter and you!

beth rush said...

Fun page Heidi, and a great event for you and your daughter, how fun! and so great to capture on a page to remember by.