Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cyclocross is Hard!

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I started with a Downtown Grunge template page and built from there.  I wanted to make a page about me.  Sometimes challenges can be scary, and many times, mountain biking and cyclocross is.  Especially in adverse weather conditions.  There is the fast competition, sketchy downhills, barriers, sand, run-ups, and mud.  Learning to remount your bike on-the-go is its own challenge!

My husband and I have been traveling around the Northeast competing together, and it has been a lot of fun.  And no injuries, so far (knock on wood).  There have been several times, not too long ago, that I would question if this sport was for me at least once a week.  I'm glad I am sticking it out!  It is getting easier, or let's say, less scary.

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