Monday, July 22, 2013

MDSM24 Playing in Park City

Joan has a fun card sketch for us today on MDS Monday.

Of course I immediately saw that filling these diamond-shaped boxes with photos will be a challenge, so I had to try it.  Hubby was so nice to drive to and from the weekend bike race, so I got a chance to play.  So how to put photos in diamond boxes without rotating the photos?  I found if I added a crop box in Photoshop, then rotated the box from a corner, I could get 'er done.  Just save the jpeg file in this diamond shape and import into MDS.

Edit to add tip: Yapha says, "...use a square punch, not a photo box for the pictures. Add a square punch, and rotate it 45 degrees. Then choose the button to Fill with Photo. It will fill it correctly. If you use a photo box, the picture rotates with it."

I was a bonehead last year and bought a plane ticket to Convention arriving one day too early.  Well, what is one to do other than go mountain biking in Park City?  These are some photos of me, myself, and a bike.  I couldn't find another stamper to come with me.  Is that weird?  ;)

MDS Elements: Number One kit, Game Day stitching, Shaped Clips; Font: Pea Mily Mix.

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Tara (Murphy) Bourgoin said...

This is super! I love that little bicycle clip. I can't believe you couldn't find anyone to go with you ;) Also, as a side note, it never occurred to me to MDS while hubby drives... He's in for a real surprise next long trip we take!!

beth rush said...

I think a bike ride by yourself sounds awesome! your photos and page make it seem so peaceful. thanks for the tip on rotating the photos!

Holly said...

Awesome Tip on the photo boxes!!! This came out great, the elements you added go great with the photo and theme. Well at least you found something fun to do with that extra day!