Monday, April 15, 2013

MDS Video: Editing Shaped Clips

You may remember this digital page I did back in March.

Notice the heart-shaped clip in the lower right corner of the photo.  I love paperclips and shaped clips, but it drives me batty if they don't look "clipped", KWIM?

One possible way to crop within MDS would be the crop-embellishment-with-a-punch-shape trick.  This method would work if you can get the inside of the clip to fit inside a heart punch or custom punch.  It didn't quite work for me here.

So I went with option B; I used my photo editing software to complete the job.  The software I used is Photoshop Elements, and other programs may work as well.  This key is that your finished edited file be a .png file type.

I created a video so you can see the process.

Thanks for stopping by!


Wendie Waldman said...

Such a fun layout and thanks for the video.

Tanya Boser said...

What an awesome video and tip! Adorable page, you have a nice balance of neon and neutrals here, and the cute kid doesn't hurt ;)

Tiz Barnes said...

This is great, looks like I might have to break down and buy PE. I am fairly new to MDS and find your Blog very helpful; thanks!

I do have a question though, my MDS2 has a lot less icons on my toolbar than yours; is there a way to add icons to the tool bar?