Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Technique Tuesday: Faux Paper Lantern & Snake Skin

Do you remember this Chinese New Year card from a few weeks back?

It involved two techniques, faux paper lantern and faux snake skin.  I thought this would be a perfect choice for a recent technique class, as the attendees would get a double-whammy on the technique pages.

I did a faux paper lantern for a technique swap long ago, and I reworked the page here.

There's a pictorial tutorial on this post, in case you missed it.

And here is the faux snake skin technique page, which was also my recent swap at the Binghamton shoebox swap.

I took an angle shot as well so you can see the color variation and the shiny faux surface.  Cool, huh?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Shawn Crawford said...

Thank you for posting this. I had forgotten about the lanterns (don't remember the snake skin part). Now I will need to try both techniques.