Saturday, January 12, 2013

Leadership Day 3

Today is the final day of Leadership.  Awwwww!  Another fun-filled day!  Shelli did some stamping on stage with the Tea for Two suite.  Look at this beautiful banner she is making (photo courtesy of Rosemary).

There will be more single stamps coming, and they will be exclusive, never-seen-before stamps.  Here is Assortment 3,

and Assortment 4.

These will be available on Monday (lots of things happening on Monday!).

Also Stampin' Up will be releasing a "Best of 25 Years" selection of stamps every month.  January's will feature the Best of Birthdays, also available Monday.

Sorry that one came out so blurry.  Do you recognize any stamps from years gone by??

Another little feature of the "Best of 25 Years" program, there will be a collector card.  Each stamp set will come with a proof-of-purchase sticker.  Collect 6 stickers on your collector's card, mail in, and earn another stamp set valued up to $14.95.

Coming soon, and there is no date yet, but hostesses will be able to add online orders to their workshop totals.  Won't that be cool?  More details soon...

We had a couple more classes today.  We attended Creating a Blueprint for Success with Brandi Barnard, Leadership 2013.  This class was an excellent look at keeping the focus on profitability.  You know, not winning the lottery, but make sure you don't lose money and get paid for your time.  Always good to set financial goals and evaluate how you are doing.

Shannon West taught the class called Meet New People, Find New Faces, Leadership 2013.  She listed 10 proven ways to find new customers.  There was a theme at this conference, for sure - reaching out to new customers.  With the Paper Pumpkin program... sure existing customer will love it, but it really fulfills a need for the new customer.  Quick, easy projects right to your door.  :)

I can't believe I don't have more photos today.  Traveling tomorrow, and then I'll do my take & makes on Monday while I recover.  I hope to have a little more to post in the coming days.  Thanks for stopping by!


Emma Fewkes said...

Lovely to see you today, Beirut, safe travels home!

Emma Fewkes said...

Beirut? Thank you autocorrect!