Sunday, January 13, 2013

Leadership Aftermath

Home again...  I've been away in Florida for two weeks, and it is so nice to get back home!  My kitties missed me!  Unpacking, unpacking...  I thought I would share a couple pics with you while in the process.

Here's the floor of my stamp room, with all our swag.

And I wanted to add some pics of gifts from my roomies.  Rosemary gave us comfy socks, packaged adorably as an ice cream cone, and eye covers.  Perfectly themed to go along with our jammie night.  Little Missy has already laid claim to the eye covers.

Mary made Leadership notebooks, M&M's and kisses packaged up so pretty for each day (ok, so not all the candy made it to my home), all placed in a cute canvas bag with an iron-on Elegant Bird fabric design on the front.

Thank you, Ladies, for putting up with me!  My hubby will attest that it isn't easy!

A couple more thoughts, as I reflect on the past days.  What a treasure to meet up again with beautiful Stampin' Up demonstrators from around the U.S. and Canada that I have met previously, as well as meeting new ones (Lala - you are so funny!).  It fills my heart to connect with like-minded ladies.  I'm on the fence about going to Convention, but I may need to reconsider.  Those moments are the ones I really cherish when I return home.

A discussion with a fellow demo on the way to the airport this morning has me thinking about Managers' Reception.  I may have to reach for that goal.  I would definitely show up next year for a free night of food and entertainment, just for me!

And thanks to all of you out there, who stop by every day to listen to me blather on!  I really appreciate all your comments.

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