Monday, January 23, 2012

What a Haul!

I made it back from Leadership with a throbbing toothache - Ow! Very hard to travel when you are in pain. And my bag didn't arrive with me, but luckily they delivered it this morning. A little patience from Little Missy to get her souvenirs, but we are good to go.

Here is a pictorial display of the haul I brought home, which also including a sprinkling of stuff from Regionals. You've seen the bag, matching folio, and chocolate. We also got mini catalogs to hand out, a "My Way" pin, plus stickers to put on the pin so the text can be my way. Nice little detail.

Here are the stamp sets - Fresh Vintage plus Everyday Enchantment DSP, Everything Eleanor plus large pearls, Mixed Bunch, and Loving Thoughts. Also the make & take packets are in there, which I plan to work on today.

Look at all the accessories we got! We newbies got In Color brads for finding 9 other newbies that had the same color newbie pin as us. And there is an On Board Journal to create our own Creativity Journal like Carrie Cudney's. There is a list of challenges she printed out for us to try.

And here are the gifts from my roomies. Aren't they the cutest things? Rosemary brought some microwave dessert, which would have been fun. Too bad we didn't have a microwave in our room. There are some "Smarties" from our Canadian friends, which are different than the U.S. "Smarties".

I'm not going to show you what I made for my roomies yet, because I did the same project for the upcoming Sale-a-bration Blog Hop. So stay tuned...

Thanks for stopping by!


Rosemary Morgan said...

Hmm we must think alike. Now I just need to did out the all my goodies and take a picture.

Emma F said...

It was great to meet you at Leadership, Heidi. I love reading your blog, it makes my day <3.