Friday, January 20, 2012

Leadership Day 3

Today is the last day of Leadership - waaaahhhhh! :) It has been a great time! Lots more news today. I'll apologize in advance, since some of the info posted is targeted to my fellow demos who aren't here.
  • Stampin' Up will be offering a 30-day trial of My Digital Studio. This is for everyone, starting February 1.
  • I have a free three-month subscription to Stampin' Success, our exclusive SU demo magazine, to give away to a potential recruit. Anyone interested?
  • We saw some more new product with the Sale-a-bration recruit incentive bundle, which includes two stamp sets, ribbon, and paper. This is available to all demos, not just Leadership attendees. I have to say, seeing new product is the most exciting part for me. I just love it! You need to come to these events so you can share in the excitement!
  • We also heard some training on how to encourage our downline. There is another incentive if we recruit, and our downline recruits, and the Leadership attendees as a whole get 500 downlines to recruit, we will earn the Summer Smooches bundle. They didn't really show the product to us, but I hear there is fabric in the bundle, and it will be available in April. Something to tide us over until the new catalog comes out, perhaps?

Since this post is graphic light today, how about some pics? For Melissa -

We B Swappin' -

For the classes, I have to mention a couple items, in hopes they google me and I win a stamp set! What we won't do for free stamps, huh? ;) Bonnie Thurber taught a class here at Leadership 2012 called Getting the Most from your Title. She challenged us to put together a six-month plan to promote to the next level. I'll have to put some thought into this plan. Amy Swartz and Paula Critchlow presented Including a New Generation in Your Stamping Business. We looked at how the 25-35 year old demographic lined up with the five pillars of leadership, and we have to choose a couple items from each point to incorporate into our business. I guess my biggest hole would be I still have a "dumb" phone. I need to get a little more mobile with my internet communicating. And Carrie Cudney taught Why Women Buy. I loved this class, because I just find the study of sociology fascinating. I also found that I shop like a guy - oops!

We ran into an interesting store on the way to Rosario's called the Jewelry Box. How about this lady to greet you?

San Antonio kickers -

Finally, I have to say something Lydia posted a few years back. For the demos out there who don't have a downline and would love to come to Leadership, stick with it! I was in your shoes for three years, watching Leadership come and go from the sidelines. The efforts you make now will pay back in the future... maybe not today, but soon!

Thanks for stopping by!


gayla said...

bet i shop like a girl,right?

Lydia Fiedler said...

You ROCK. It was so nice to hang out with you!!!!

Anne Marie Hile said...

Ooh, you went to Rosario's? That is one of my favorite places here in San Antonio. Hope you enjoyed it! It was really great to meet you at Regionals! I'm super-jealous of all of those goodies you scored at Leadership! Fun!! :)