Wednesday, September 7, 2011

PCS Sneak Peek and the Year of the Mouse

Morning Everyone, Today I have my sneak peek from the upcoming September issue of Paper Crafters Sampler to share. The theme for this month is back-to-school, entitled Backpacks and Bookmarks. The ladies have created some really adorable projects this month!

Since I many times craft with Little Missy in mind, I created a cute interactive project for any preschooler or early elementary schooler. And Little Missy couldn't wait to get her hands on it!

Make sure to stop by Paper Crafters Sampler to sign up for this month's issue. Please use code PCSHB.

As you may have guessed, we made it back from vacation in the backwoods of Canada. Each year it is getting harder and harder to go without internet. And every year, there is a bumper crop of some animal or insect when we are up there. This year was the Year of the Mouse.

Within the first day, we realized there was a nest of mice in the stove pipe. Here is the pipe removed, and many of them came to the hole to curiously look out. We gave them notice as we would be using the stove fairly soon.

It wasn't long before I really regretted not bringing my cat. They were having a party every night while we were sleeping. These guys are soooo noisy! One night I hear noises near me. I switch on the light and see the window curtain nearby move as one falls to the floor, while the one across the room is running the length of the curtain rod. You couldn't get any sleep with the fear of them running next to or landing on your head.

The next night, we locked ourselves onto the sun porch, where they didn't seem to have access. We had been chased out of our own cabin! We left the dog to fend them off and sleep with plenty of space on the beds inside. It wasn't long before she was begging to come to the sun porch as well. It still wasn't nice to have them running along the window, just on the other side of where you slept, but at least they weren't on your head.

Here you can see not one, not two, but three mice fell into a bucket overnight meant to catch a dripping sink drain.

These three were released outside. And here is one on the other side of the screen, trying to break back in!

Two sleeps before coming home, and yet another mouse was caught in the bucket. He was shivering and could hardly squeek. My daughter brought him back to life with some cupping and some love.

Oh field mice, aren't they cute? You want to come stay with us at the cabin, don't you??? LOL! I'll bring you more snippets of our vacation in upcoming posts. Thanks for stopping by!


Holly said...

EEWWWW OMG I would of died when I saw the one fall on the floor next to the Sounds like you had an adventure. Good thing they are tiny mice, that one I was dealing with would be considered a swear rat next to those things.. Looks like your daughter made friends with them, I love that the dog couldn't stay inside with them having a party either..I can just see the look on her face.

Yapha said...

That's a lot of mice! Too bad you didn't have the cat -- I bet she would have had a "field" day with them!

Paula said...

Eek! I don't do mice. Ever. But it sounds like you all made the best of it.

Sue said...

While I don't envy your vacation with the mice, your story was cute and I was impressed with your pictures... you should scrap it with MDS! Can't wait to see your BAB project!

Tanya Boser said...

Oh, the stories I could tell about mice! Your daughter and my daughter would get along great...we couldn't even kill spiders in our house, Charlene would catch them and take them outside.
And those are great pictures! Way to make the best of the invasion :)

Holly/Rubber Redneck said...

Wow that is crazy. Too cute and sounds like you all made the best of it! I never kill them either that cat however is another story. lol We use to catch them when we were kids at my parents farm we would keep them as pets. Oh my mom loved that. NOT. lol

Adriana Benitez said...

You are so brave. I would have slept in the car... on the way home!

Shelley Z said...

YUCK! There is no way I would have stayed in that cabin! You are a brave woman to have stayed. Can't wait to see your scrapbook pages on this story!

PocketsOfInspiration said...

Scratch the cat, what you need is Little Bunny Foo Foo!