Friday, January 7, 2011

Quilt Block Projects

Good morning Everyone! I thought I would follow up with the final wall hanging from the quilt block swap I participated in last spring.

I created a couple additional blocks myself, so that all blocks had neutral backgrounds. I handed these off to my mom, the family quilter, to put it together for me.

You can click on the image for a closer view. Can you guess which ones I made? Of course, you can cheat and click here for all past fabric posts, which gives away the answer.

I had one extra block, which I gave to my mom. She made a little pillow out of it and gave it to my daughter for Christmas. So adorable!

It fits in perfectly with the room that is quickly transforming into a princess room. In fact, I will be back next week for one or two more installments of the transformation.

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Thanks for stopping by!


Jen Timko said...

What a great quilt! I love that pillow, too! Such fantastic colors for a little "princess" room!

Yapha said...

That quilt is great! I love the Build-a-Bear block! And the pillow is stunning!

Cindy said...

Love them all, but I'm particularly drawn to the paper roses - WOW!

Holly/Rubber Redneck said...

Love this!!!

Sara Mattson-Blume said...

I love the squares and the pillow. It's so fun to recognize which dies are used where!

Shelley said...

What a beautiful wall hanging! The pillow is fabulous!

Tanya Boser said...

Beautiful projects!