Monday, February 22, 2010

Fabric Confessions

I have enjoyed sewing on my cards for a while now. But I have sworn since I was young that I would not become a sewer like my mom. This was partially due to the amount of time I have spent waiting outside fabric stores as a kid. Much to my dismay, I have been very attracted to the idea of using the Big Shot to create fabric projects.

I am currently in two Big Shot fabric sample swaps, and I will share those projects with you soon. I have to tell you, it is exciting to try a similar but different craft. I had so much fun designing projects with fabric! Sewing just seemed like something I couldn't do: can't thread a needle, my husband has to thread my bobbin for me, many times my sewing machine has just ended in knots. But let me tell you, I did it! What a sense of accomplishment when I pulled off the projects, concept to completion!

I have already shared using the Big Shot to cut felt with the Build-a-Bear felt board. We also created a snowflake card in our Big Shot club, using the Snowflake #2 die and glitter felt.

But what about cotton fabric? And what do you do with it, once you cut out a shape? One answer to those questions would be the canvas bag we made at the Big Shot club.

Using fall colored patterned cotton fabric, we ironed on Heat 'n Bond to the wrong side of the fabric. We then ran the fabric through the Big Shot to create our leaves and ironed the leaves onto the canvas bag. Super easy and quick! Keep in mind, you would want to use steel-ruled dies such as the Sizzix Originals or Bigz dies, to cut through a variety of materials including fabric. There is a list of all the different types of materials these dies cut through.

I have more projects in the works.... stay tuned.

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