Friday, August 7, 2009

Convention Day Three

Well, I went to bed after the congo line last night at the Tonic Sol Fa concert. And this morning, before General Session, the demos were up in front of the large ballroom doing the Electric Slide. Such fun people! It's 8:00 in the morning, for crying out loud!!

A couple of exciting announcements from General Session today (for demos, at least). We were challenged as a "convention team" to recruit 1500 new demos by August 31 and receive My Digital Studio for 50% or recruit 3000 new demos and receive it for FREE!! Can you imagine the cheers this resulted in? Wow, that would be a great business tool! I would love to get my hands on one of these babies so you guys can play with it too. Since the starter kit is customizable, a great value already at 40% off the kit contents purchase price, and only $85 right now, what do you have to lose? So who wants to sign up?!?

The second announcement is to receive 10% off one of the new products in the Holiday mini, the Simply Adorned Charm and chain. This is a really cool locket that holds customizable stamped or jeweled images, and they can be swapped out as your mood fits. This discount is only for Convention attendees, which is one of the perks they use to entice us to come for this wonderful training. I am really having a great time here, so this is just a bonus for me! It is so cool to be part of this exclusive group of people who get to see all the sneak peeks, order new stamps first, swap, share business advice, and just to be part of all this excitement. Please join me - we'll have a great time!

Ok, so they are selling an exclusive Stampin' Up! Build-a-Bear at Memento Mall. I resisted on Day 2 when they unveiled it, but Hubby said, "Well, you can buy that for Janneke." Really? Should I? Is Hubby really suggesting I spend more money? Well, after touching and feeling the softness of my roomie's bear, I caved. Isn't she cute? Can't wait to give it to Janneke!

Here is a shot of the stamp sets and wheel we got in our Convention bag to use for our Make 'n Takes.

I didn't finish my Make 'n Takes yet, so I will have to wait to share.

And check out this shot...

This is the Gathering Place, where we have lunch. The area in the foreground is where they show us new product and we can try the Big Shot Build-a-Bear dies. But check out the far back right corner - that crowd of women - that's the swapping phenomenon. They show up out of nowhere, all at once, buzz around like a swarm of bees or should I even say piranhas, and then disappear just as fast as they showed up. It's amazing!

How about a few cool projects I saw today?

Swap card from Kimberly Van Diepen, a huge superstar demo and presenter at SU, that my roomie received.

And elegant scrapbook page using the Tree Trimmings stamp set.

Another elegant scrapbook page on the display boards using the Baroque Motifs stamp set.

And, since cutting alternate materials with the Big Shot is my new thing, here is a card shared with us by demo Ruth Bingle. It uses the Leaves #2 die to cut the new wood sheets, and then the edges were sponged. Doesn't that look cool?

That's it for all the day's craziness. Thanks for stopping by!

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