Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back from Vacation

Well, the well-needed respite is over. :( We were hanging out and relaxing at the family cabin in Quebec, 6.5 hours straight north of Toronto. It is a hard drive to get there, especially on the little one. But once there - the beach, the boating, the fishing, hiking, reading, chasing butterflies and dragonflies, just having time to play with your child. Very nice! And Canadian treats you can't get back at home - pickle-flavored chips, maple cookies, and boy can they do ice cream!

We had a couple exciting moments, when our boat got stuck in forward as we were heading straight to shore (and rocks!). Luckily, no one hurt. And we almost hit a bear that darted out in front of the car on the way home. We did make it home safely.

Now back to stamping - the next three weeks I have an event every week, and then the beginning of August is Stampin' Up! convention in Salt Lake City. I will be dragging the husband out there at the close of convention for a little bit of sight-seeing. I hope to have some good tricks, tips, and stories to share with you all! Reminder - club sign-up is underway, starting up in August. Contact me if you are interested.


Bonfire and cookout at the beach

Making a birthday cake for Grandpa

And eating frosting

Playing in the garden

And playing with Opa

50 mosquitoes killed in the cabin one evening (the ugly truth of the beautiful north!)

And the nighttime skies are just beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

Heidi - looks like you had a great time. Now - get to work!