Saturday, January 31, 2015

Leadership Day 3

Awww, it's over before it hardly began!  So great to get together with friends, old and new.  I will back-fill photos as I collect them.

We had a great keynote speaker this morning, Jason Wright.  He spoke about the magic of a handwritten note, which leaves a piece of you on paper, shrinks the distance between friends, and in that, makes a difference.  As a demonstrator, it is our job to make a difference and to help you make a difference.  By making and sending cards?  No problem!

We learned more about kit classes and motivating your team.  Is there a particular kit in the Occasions catalog that interests you?  There is an index of five kits on pg. 2, Hello Life (home decor), Hooray, It's Your Day (20 cards), Perpetual Birthday Calendar, Build a Bouquet, and So You (Project Life).  Which kit class would you be interested in attending?

More free goodies...

Birthday Bash paper to go with our Balloon Bash stamp set and Project Life Seasonal Snapshot accessories to go with the card collection.

Shelli almost made it... almost... all the way through Leadership without crying.  Good try!

Some sights and sounds of Orlando...

And how sad I am that this is not running yet?!

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