Thursday, January 29, 2015

Leadership Day 1

Hi Everyone!  As you know, we are in sunny, if not warm, Florida enjoying each other's stampy company.  I picked up my Leadership materials this morning.

Right out of the gate, we had a lot of dry, back-to-school information on the upcoming changes to our compensation plan.  Like eating your Wheaties; you know you gotta do it.  Is my downline tuning in to the live General Session webcasts?  It's always fun to see how they've decorated Main Stage.

In the afternoon, we did find out how they are changing events after this year's Convention (hint hint, this is the last summer Convention as we know it).  There will be events every April and November, and they will be global.  So, for the first global gathering this November, who wants to storm Brussels with me?

Some goodies from friends.  Honestly, I should know better than to show up at stamping events empty-handed!

Dinner with friends is very important!  We gathered at Tu Tu Tango for some yummy tapas. 

It is also a place where artists can paint, display, and sell their art.

More tomorrow...

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