Friday, July 19, 2013

Convention Day 1

Oh my gosh, it was so crowded and busy on Day 1.  I flew in at 2pm, quick dinner, then over to the center for Opening Session.  There is a social afterwards, with all sorts of things to see.  We could hardly move for a while! 

This photo is actually a light crowd compared to how it was.  I was stuck in the crowd and didn't get the push and shove pics.  About 5900 demonstrators... you can imagine!  Not to mention we got our Convention bags at General Session, so everyone was carrying TWO bags!  Oy!

Mary is modeling her bag (photo courtesy of Rosemary).

Here are some gifts from my roomies... all survival goodies.  I am running through the snacks today, let me tell you!

K, gotta run to dinner before Awards ceremony and after party tonight.  It's gonna be another late one, but at least I took photos today that I will share later.

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