Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Build-a-Bear Party

My daughter had her 6th birthday party last month.  I started out the friend party waaaayyyyy too early with her, and now I can't get out of them.  My word of caution to new mothers... if you haven't done this yet, wait as long as possible for the friend party.  Anyway, there was three options she wanted for a party (I was rooting for something outside the house), and we finally arrived at a Build-a-Bear party.  (1) She could invite boys and girls, which is still very important to her, and (2) she could get another stuffed animal without having to get rid of one (my stand-by response every time she asks for one).  Yes, she found the loophole! 

This time round, it was mandatory for her to help with invitations and preparations.  We have made a thousand die-cut Build-a-Bears in the past, so we didn't even need to cut anymore paper.  I convinced her to "share" with her friends.

Here's one of the invitations.  Every one was different.

Cupcakes by Missy and Papa, toppers by Missy and Mama.

Missy with her friends and bear, er, kitty.

And the thank you cards.  We got a chance to use the Designer Typeset polymer stamp set.

I hope everyone had a great time; I was exhausted!  :)  Thanks for stopping by!

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