Thursday, January 10, 2013

Leadership Day 1

So maybe I almost didn't make it to Leadership Conference.  On the way to Leadership, I fell into a swamp.  Think I'm kidding?  Here's my Facebook post on the matter: "I was going to post that I have the most wonderful husband who let me rent a bike and a car to go mountain biking today. Then I was going to post that I saw a bobcat. But no, that was not the most memorable thing. How about a spectacular crash off the Ridgeline trail at Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve? I endo'd off a very steep incline, somersaulting my way down, landing on my back with my head downhill. Immediately I feel my whole back is wet... oh crap, get up quick before that potential alligator sees you as a very easy meal. Yep, head first into the swamp. Just call me Swamp Girl!"  There is always some gravity incident at a Stampin' Up event among our group of friends, so I guess this year was my turn.

So today was check-in day in sunny Orlando, Florida.  Did I mention I might not go home until the ice thaws up in NY?  Especially if the gators get me first!  We received the Oh, Hello stamp set for our Take & Makes.  Unfortunately for me, I am not one of the managers and above enjoying Harry Potter (Snotter) over at Universal Studios right now.  Wouldn't it be great to get to enjoy some food, free SU goodies (usually a sneak peek of something new - can't wait to see what they get!!), and some fabulous entertainment all for FREE?!

I attended a class instead called "How to Get to Managers' Reception Next Year" aka "Managers' Reception - Be There Next Year", hosted by Brian Pilling, Leadership 2013.  I so appreciate Brian and the way he teaches subjects.  Even if you aren't a stamper, the subjects he teaches can be applied in many places.  We set some goals, wrote them down, and identified the path to get to Leadership.  Well, that's not rocket science, but to get yourself committed and sticking to it... that takes more.  And Kay will be my accountability partner, with monthly communication, to keep us both on track.  Much harder to let this one slide.

How about some eye-candy from the Product Demonstration Table?

The next few photos they were demonstrating the Creped Filter Paper, Artisan Embellishment Kit, and Delicate Details Lace Tape.

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Jen Timko said...

Thanks so much for the pictures!! They are amazing!! So great that you got Oh, Hello. Can't wait to hear what awaits tomorrow. Good for you setting goals! We'll try to help you get there!

Tanya Boser said...

I am so glad the gators didn't get you! I assume that you are ok since you are actually AT Leadership ;)
Thanks for some peeks at what we are missing :)