Thursday, July 19, 2012

Convention Day 2

Another full and fun day at Convention.  I'm skipping the Awards Ceremony and after-party.  Guess I'm getting old, but nice to have some relax time in the room in the evening.  Tomorrow I will have class, so better rest up.

Here's a picture of Main Stage with Shelli speaking.

They added "second day" items to the Memento Mall selection.

MDS print products, SU logo cookie stamps and cookie cutters, and garden flags!  Cute!  They will just look fabulous covered in snow in New York.

Something that stood out on the display boards is this doll house.  Are you freaking kidding me?  If I put this much love into something, I don't think I could let it out of my sight!  The artist who made this is Suzanne Johnson.

Awesome, don't you think?  I just love this!!!

ETA: The wonderful, the beautiful Bonnie Thurber hosted a class called I am Doing Business My Way.  I really do love you, Bonnie!  Ronda Wade and Tami White shared their experiences with holding "private classes" and "hybrid clubs".  I picked up some good tips I can incorporate.  Tag: Convention 2012, #Convention2012

Donna Griffith was the host of the session I am Savvy.  Dawn Griffith, Laura Milligan, and Meg Wheeler presented some projects on the main stage with the theme of being savvy, i.e., I am savvy with ribbon, fabric, and Simply Scrappin' and Simply Sent kits, respectively.

Some really good ideas... I think I'll be using some for a future class or club.

Then came Shannon West's I am Having Fun class.  Now that was fun!  Dancing to Barry White with Shannon and Brian Pilling is just a blast.  If you start smelling yummy, subtle smells or hear some fun music during club, you know how to thank!  Shout out to Brian too!  I didn't take his class this year, but I just <3 him!!

Well, off to bed, a run tomorrow, and more fun.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Natalie Kennedy said...

Wow! I saw this, but didn't get a very close look. Such detail! Hmm, I'd love it if whoever made it would come decorate MY house!