Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday, Rapunzel!

Recently we had Little Missy's 5th birthday party. I had her almost convinced to have a canned party at a local "fun" place, but all was thrown out the window when she visited Disney World, met Rapunzel, and then saw a Rapunzel cake at Baskin Robbins. So much for taking it easy.

I started on the preparations for the party back in February for the Stampin' Addicts Birthday Blog Hop. That gave us a great jump start on our ideas.

There are a ton of DIY ideas out on the internet.

We decorated the front door with Rapunzel hair and banners. Upper right are the party favors; more on that below. Lower left shows Little Missy shooting a Nerf bow & arrow at a Wanted poster of Flynn. We dipped the ends of the arrows in ketchup so the kids would see if they hit their mark. :)

To go along with the Rapunzel theme, all the royal guests had their hair braided.

I had high expectations for the cake, complete with a Rapunzel tower. The local pastry shop didn't let me down!

For party favors, Jen Timko got me thinking about Fun Flowers fabric hair ties as an appropriate favor for a Rapunzel hair party. I ended up wrapping them around the 1 x 8" cello bags filled with color-coordinated M&M's, as they didn't fit in the Petite Purse (Boo!).

And for a thank you card, I will be making a stack of these, following Lisa Young's tutorial.

I added a photo of the royal guests on the inside for added personalization and a memento of the occasion.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Holly said...

Oh wow look at those gorgeous Thank You cards!! You are a super Mom.. I love it! Looks like it was a fabulous Rapunzel party she will never forget!