Thursday, October 6, 2011

Exotic Pets

The family is into animals... BIG time! While in Aruba, it was a lot of fun to see many different kinds, up close.

Gecko in the cabana -

and baby gecko in the kitchen sink one morning.

Another (tortured) pet Little Missy found was a hermit crab at the beach.

The lizards run around here like squirrels at home.

We found iguanas sitting on top of the cactus right behind the rental house.

But even more up close, they were running around like cats on the Renaissance Resort property.

You think I'm joking... but I mean, literally...

Ok, maybe that was a little fake, because a tourist had just finished feeding them fruit.

One night a burrowing owl was after the (very large) toads in the yard, which had come out because the flying ants were around. We saw another one in Arikok National Park.

Wild goats, also in the national park -

There are boa constrictors here too (not indigenous but rather caused by someone letting one/some free). I didn't think you would want to see one that got squished by a car though.

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