Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 1: Check-in Day

What's the best thing about Convention? Memento Mall, of course! But before I get to that, here is the bag and the stamp goodies we got this morning.

Since I am a Make & Take helper, I got into Memento Mall early - yay! This year's logo wear:

Lunch bag and insulated cup:

Convention is garden-themed this year, so you'll keep seeing flowers popping up.


More recycle bags. I don't understand why ladies need so many bags?!

There is Pocketful of Posies-themed laptop skins and mouse pads. Other business stuff like pen packs, single card holders, workshop pocket board (hard board for writing up orders), Snail leash:

Look what they created with a Stampin' Up deck of playing cards:

And how cute are these garden boots?

And now onto the Kick-Off Party, where we were challenged to bring decorated garden or sun hats. Rosemary and Danette where playing Sudoku or some such game to win prizes. Danette is wearing the sun hat my daughter let me borrow (which she made in preschool - Hi Mrs. Green!).

And here's the three of us roomies.

Here's how I decorated my hat.

By the time I left the Convention Center, I was so loaded down... my original bag, the new bag, my Memento Mall stuff, a pile of stamp sets, my Make & Take packet... geesh! Hubby says, "You signed up for this vacation." It's work, People!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Holly said...

Your Hats super cute!!! I love those new umbrellas, I still use mine from Leadership 2 years ago even though it's broke, it was the white one with the Fifth Avenue Floral Design, it's a Looks like your having a blast.