Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tutorial: Paper Roses

I previously posted this card, and I had a lot of trouble attaching the flower to the card.

I combined tutorials from Simi Stamper and Splitcoaststampers to come up with this tutorial.

Step 1.
Starting with 2-1/2 x 8-1/2" Orchid Opulence cardstock, destroy fibers in the card stock. You can do this by rubbing the card stock against a edge of a desk, back and forth until the it is easily bendable.

Step 2. Die-cut 3 flowers using the large flower of the Birds & Blooms die, and sponge the edges. I used Rich Razzleberry and speckled the whole flower and Orchid Opulence on the outer edges on both sides.

Step 3. Flower #1 make a cut in-between 2 petals half way up. Flower #2 cut one petal completely out. Flower #3 cut two petals completely out. You should have 5 pieces.

Step 4. Apply glue on right side of petal and overlap petal on the left to make a cone shape. Use paper clips to hold until glue dries. Do this to all flowers excluding the 2 petals you cut out. What you have should look like this now.

Step 5. Roll the top edges of the smallest petal towards the center.

Step 6. Roll the top of the left petal down. Turn the petal around to the opposite side and roll into a cone shape and glue.

Step 7. Pierce a hole through the base of the two-petal flower cone. Thread a piece of wire through the hole. This wire will help you attach your flower to your project. Make sure you pierce the hole far enough away from the point of the flower so you can trim it later to sit flat on your project.

Step 8. Cut the bottom tips off the three-petal cone. Repeat with the four- and five-petal flower sections. This will allow the pieces to nest nicely together.

Step 9. Using a bone folder, curl each of the petal pieces.

Step 10. Apply glue inside the three-petal piece and thread the wired two-petal piece through the center hole. Continue with the four- and five- petal pieces.

Step 11. Apply glue in the center hole of the flower and insert the rolled up one-petal piece. I had to trim the point off this one-petal piece and also use tweezers to open up the two-petal piece a bit so it would fit.

Step 12. I trimmed the point off the wired two-petal piece so that the flower would sit flat on the project. Mine is still not quite flat enough. Again, the higher you punch your wire hole, the flater you can trim your wired piece to sit flat. Punch/pierce two holes in your project, thread wire through, twist wire on back to secure, and trim extra. There ya go!

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Holly/Rubber Redneck said...

Wow great tutorial!

Cindy said...

Wow, as soon as I have time for playing, I'm going to try this!

Marie said...

Fabulous tutorial Heidi and thanks so much for sharing it with us!!!! I will have to try my hand at some of these soon!

Yapha said...

What a beautiful card! Thanks for the tutorial, too!

Dany said...

This is amazing! Thanks for the great how to!

Tinkerin In Ink said...

Love those roses! Beautiful card!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic tutorial!!!