Monday, August 30, 2010

Back from Vacation

Hello again, everyone. Did you miss me? :)

Back from Canada. We had some evil border patrol people checking our car going into Canada, so we were glad the U.S. would let us back in! It was about midnight, and they made everyone get out of the car, including grandma, toddler without shoes, cat on a leash, and not-so-friendly-to-strangers dog. And you crafters will relate to this: When I got up to the cabin, on a rainy day, I was ready to prepare some swaps, and my glue gun was gone! Did those evil women steal it? I texted home; it was sitting on the desk. Doh! There is only so much progress one can make without adhesive.

Lots of fun swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, campfires on the beach... three nights in a row of clear skies and a full moon shining over the water. Ahhhh! Last night of fishing and campfire (and s'mores!), and hubby caught one sucker and three bullheads AND a bat! The bat flew right into the fishing line, got stuck, and into the water it went, right about the time a bullhead also hit the line. He wins the prize for unique catch without a hook!

Little Missy with Mr. Bass -

Eating s'mores and monkeying around on the pier -

All this play can make anyone tired -

I'm a wee bit tired today, since we had a 15-hour drive back on Saturday, and we had to stop at Windham Mountain on the way, so I could do a preride lap for the Race the World mountain biking race on Sunday, where they had held the UCI World Cup earlier in the week. That means we had to leave the cabin at 2:30am(!) to get to Windham at the right time. Yes, we are crazy peeps! Home, unpacked, pack for race, fall into bed. My teammate was at my door, waking me up at 5am Sunday morning. Why didn't my alarm go off? These are mysteries... Anyway, off to Windham for the race. Big climbing race, but I was comfortable enough (read: not biking hard enough perhaps), and there was a lot of traffic in the singletrack. Too many riders was the only downside... the downhills dried up nicely, so no catastrophes... praise God! All came out fine, and I even beat out a lady that has been edging me out all series. Nice!!

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Kim P said...

Thanks for sharing such sweet pictures! Glad the border patrol did not confiscate your adhesive! LOL

Tilly said...

I just adore that pic of "J" on the pier - she's too stinkin cute! Glad you had a nice vacation and the evil border ladies didn't confiscate your gun! My former downline used to work at border patrol.... she said she needed a new one, lol!

Dany said...

Sounds like a great time. It's kinda funny those border people... every time we go into the US we get hassled and then have no hassle when we are coming back home into Canada. Sometimes I think they just like to give people a hard time. Although I have found that if a woman is driving (and looks very annoyed) and there are kids being very noisy in the backseat that the border people don't really hassle you at all.