Saturday, July 17, 2010

What To Do When the Stress of Convention is Getting to You?

Well, go to the lake, of course! Some Friday fun at Minnewaska.

We biked to Lake Awosting and swam for a bit.

And then biked over to Lake Minnewaska for a bit more swimming.

And then, why not a picnic? On the menu - hot dogs and Cheetos!

So you may think I have been slacking... well, this fun was a week ago. Yesterday was a very hard mountain biking ride in Stewart for about 3 hours, 24 miles. I am sooooo glad I am not doing the Darkhorse 40 - that's gonna be one hard race! Oh, did you mean slacking on the stamping? Well, it happens. Nose to the grindstone today!

Thanks for stopping by!


Tilly said...

I LOVE the pic of J on the rock surrounded by water - so cool! Looks like you had a fun day - now get stamping, lol!

Diane said...

I want a cute bathing suit like that!!! TOD